About Us

Since 1953 Econaway Abrasives has been manufacturing abrasive sanding belts and other coated abrasive products for the metal and woodworking industry. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying our customer’s with only top quality products. We understand that VALUE equals price verses performance and we are sure you will find the value in our products. We stand behind and guarantee everything we sell. We owe our continued success to our customers and constantly strive to exceed their expectations. Let Econaway demonstrate what we can do for you.


Econaway Abrasives was established in 1935 by W.W. Dane in Grand Haven, Michigan. Mr. Dane started the business by designing, patenting, and marketing equipment used in the manufacture of abrasive sanding belts and eventually using that equipment to manufacture his own line of sanding belts and other coated abrasive products. Today we continue to operate our facility in Grand Haven producing only top quality abrasive products.